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DIY (Do it Yourself) Projects -- Solar Water Heaters Projects
Last Updated on:  04/02/2013 07:11 PM

How does solar water heating work?

Solar collectors, or panels, are designed to absorb as much of the sun's heat as possible. They contain water, which once hot usually travels to a coil in a hot water cylinder and transfers the heat to the water there - known as an 'indirect' system. In 'direct' systems, water from the panels goes straight into the cylinder - these are unsuitable for areas with very hard water.
Solar water heating panels should provide most of the hot water needs of an average household for the sunniest four or five months of the year. The rest of the time they will contribute to the heating needed. Over a whole year, about half of your hot water will have been heated by the sun.

In most cases solar water heating panels will not provide space heating because there isn't sufficient sun in the winter, when you need heating most (although on a bright, clear winter's day they can make a welcome contribution). Some panels will need to be drained in the winter months to avoid frost damage. You can also use solar water heating for swimming pools.

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Solar Water Heating

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