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Solar Sail Links
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

How Stuff Works: How Solar Sails Work:  looks at how solar sails work, takes an in-depth look at the Cosmos-1 mission, and finds out what solar-sails mean for future space travel. 
Institute of Planetary Exploration - Solar Sail Home Page:   
Interstellar Probe: Exploring the Interstellar Medium and the Boundaries of the Heliosphere:  project of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which would use a solar sail spacecraft. 
InterWorld Transport SailAway R&D Project:   
Laser Stars:   
Lunar Solar Sail Race Notes (The Artemis Project):   
Setting Sail for the Stars:  Science@NASA article about the latest developments in solar sail technology, which could carry a spacecraft beyond the edge of the solar system by 2018. 
Solar Blade Solar Sail Project:  information about the spacecraft that utilizes reflected solar pressure as its only means of propulsion and attitude control. 
Solar Sail Homepage:  provides information on spacecraft that utilize the momentum transfer of solar photons onto large, highly reflecting sails for passive propulsion. 
Solar Wind Sentinels (Goddard):   
Solarvision:  students from five universities across the U.S. working in joint partnership to develop solar sail deployment and nanosatellite designs. 
Spacecraft Propulsion:   
Technology Planning Workshop for Space Technology 9 (ST9):  exploring topics such as solar sails, system technology for large space telescopes, and aero capture system technology for planetary missions. Sponsored by NASA's New Millennium Program. 
U3P (Union for the Promotion of Photonic Propulsion):   

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