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What are Energy Storage Options?
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Using SuperCapacitors for Energy Storage
Last Updated on:  06/25/2015 06:31 AM

Supercapacitors (also known as ultracapacitors) are DC energy sources and must be interfaced to the electric grid with a static power conditioner, providing 60-Hz output. A supercapacitor provides power during short duration interruptions and voltage sags. By combining a supercapacitor with a battery-based uninterruptible power supply system, the life of the batteries can be extended. The batteries provide power only during the longer interruptions, reducing the cycling duty on the battery. Small supercapacitors are commercially available to extend battery life in electronic equipment, but large supercapacitors are still in development, but may soon become a viable component of the energy storage field.


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Links to Information about SuperCapacitors

Capacitors - BESTCap Pulse Supercapacitors - AVX Online - BZ, BestCap® Ultra Low ESR High Power Pulse Supercapacitor · BestCap® Ultra Low ESR High Power Pulse Supercapacitor. 

Capacitors, Tutorial - Includes history, types, color codes, illustrations, and formulae.
Capacitors: What Good Are They? - Short description of a fundamental capacitor, and units used to measure capacitance. Illustrations of capacitors in electronic circuits, with animation.

Cycling Characteristics and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy ... - compared to dielectric capacitors, supercapacitors can. supply high power during several ... explain the lot of applications in which supercapacitors ... 

Green Car Congress: Holden (GM) and CSIRO Working on Next-Gen Supercaps - Australian groups partnering on components for electric vehicles.
Los Alamos researchers charge ahead in ultracapacitors - United States national laboratory press release announcing device capable of more charge-discharge cycles.
Maxwell Technologies - PowerCache ultracapacitors claim up to 100 times the energy of conventional capacitors and ten times the power of ordinary batteries.
ScienceDaily: High Power Supercapacitors From Carbon Nanotubes - Supercapacitors that can deliver a strong surge of electrical power could be manufactured from carbon nanotubes using a technique developed by researchers ... 

Study of supercapacitors with a double electrical layer based on ... - Keywords: activated carbon; supercapacitor; ecologically pure technology. ... pure technology, to manufacture supercapacitors on its ... 

Super Capacitors - The New Super Battery Technology for Energy Storage - Supercapacitors or UltraCapacitors were initially used by the US military to start the engines of tanks and submarines. Most applications now are in hybrid ...
What's the role of the Supercapacitor? - The supercapacitor resembles a regular capacitor with the exception that it offers very high capacitance in a small package. Energy storage is by means of ... 

Supercapacitor - Wikipedia entry includes picture, history, applications, Ragone plot, diagram, links, and current state.

Supercapacitors - Pores in the Carbide Derived Carbon allow ions of sulfuric acid to gather inside the electrode when a voltage is applied to the supercapacitor. ... 

Supercapacitors and Ultracapacitor Applications - Characteristics, applications, advantages and disadvantages of Supercapacitors. 

Supercapacitors boost the fuel cell car - Fuel cells can power zero emission cars and supercapacitors help to reduce obstacles for widespread adoption of the technology ... 

Supercapacitors for Elevators - Supercapacitors are predestined to store large amounts of energy in a very short. period of time and to release high currents on demand. ... 

Supercapacitors Maximize Space Advanced Battery Technology - Find ... - Supercapacitors Maximize Space from Advanced Battery Technology in Computers & Technology provided free by LookSmart Find Articles. 

Supercapacitors promise 'iPod quality' audio from your cellphone ... - Australian supercapacitor maker Cap-XX has introduced a supercapacitor based technology BriteSound for mobile phones that it in Supercapacitors promise iPod ...

Tavrima Canada Ltd. - Largest and most powerful supercapacitors. New energy storage technology suited for uses needing repeated bursts of power for fractions of a second to several minutes.

Type EDL - Electric Double Layer Supercapacitors - Type EDL supercapacitors have a useful lifetime that decreases with increasing ... Expected life of these supercapacitors is considerably shortened by ... 

Ultracapacitors - Short description of ultracapacitors and their potential for use in electric vehicles.
UltraCapacitors and SuperCapacitors - Information on how an ultracapacitor works, manufacturers, uses, and links to news.
Ultracapacitors Challenge the Battery - article written by chair of group devoted to promoting ultracapacitor technology includes web addresses of makers.

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Sources for Super Capacitors

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